About the Speaker:

“Was wonderful & inspiring to hear her stories, thought-provoking.”

“The speaker’s message and stories were interesting, inspiring & engaging.”

“Makes me more aware of seeing “Christ” in others and doing what Christ would do to others.”

“Speaker’s talks were absolutely excellent. I have a lot to reflect upon!”

“I really enjoyed the speaker and it was relevant to my life.”

“The speaker’s message was wonderful. There were so many gems to take away and to try in our life.”

“Inspiring, exceed, enthusiastic, living what she teaches, gives courage to apply ideas to my life.”

“Amazing speaker – energy, knowledge, inspiration, joy. Perfect for me.”


About the Retreat Experience:

“The time to reflect has been a beautiful gift.”

“Always a wonderful opportunity to renew, refocus and gather strength.”

“This weekend was a continual reminder to me, that God’s Spirit is alive and active in the world and that “seekers” are still searching for a means to deepen their relationship with the living God.”

“It’s a wonderful renewal. I now need this to move forward.”

“As always an insightful and an inspiring time.”

“I enjoyed hearing other women’s faith walk, which strengthens my own faith.”

“The Weekend With God keeps me strong.”


About the Resort:

“Great food! Close to main floor room for accessibility was much appreciated.”

“I loved the location, the water was a bonus, beautiful view.”

“Beautiful surrounding – very peaceful.”


Additional Comments:

“Wonderful to share with women of all ages.”

“I was so impressed with the whole format of the weekend; being pampered at Glen House, Prayed for by the team, warmed by the hospitality of each person helping out, the break-out sessions and just your kindness and your dedication and hard work in making this happen.”

“Very thankful to be among such beautiful women and rejoice in God’s goodness. Thank you to all involved in organizing.”

“Wonderful experience. Grateful to have met these women.”

“This weekend was truly a gift from God. It is what my soul needed.”




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